Taghazout: 20km North of Agadir | 140km South of Essaouira | 300km West of Marrakesh | Latitude: 30°32’39.28”N | Longitude: 9°42’28.66”W

Time Zone: GMT

-How To Find Us

If you arrive by bus you will be droped off as the square at the southern end of taghazout walk north through town along the main strip for a couple of minutes, passing most of the shops and restaurants, look out for the west Coast restaurant on the right hand side , after take the second turn on the right, followthe slope up and around to the right. we are at the first blue door on theright hand side that says ( THE SURF HOSTEL ). just knock and ask for SAMIR or YOUSSEF .

-Where is the nearest airport

The closest airport to Taghazout is Agadir International Airport (AGA) which is approx. 3-5 hours flying time from the UK & Ireland. AGA is 40mins from Taghazout. Collection of guests and any equipment e.g. surf boards etc. can be arranged on request.

-Are there alternative airports?

Should you choose not to fly into AGA then there is two alternatives, Marrakesh (RAK) and Casablanca. Getting to Taghazout from Marrakesh will involve taking a Grand Taxi, these cabs (Mercedes 240’s) usually involve sharing with up to 8 people and stopping for anyone on the way. They take 4-5 hours depending on traffic and cost £50 and above. A number of bus companies run services to Agadir but you will need to get from Marrakesh airport to the bus station, the bus journey itself takes between 4-5 hours.

Another option would be to fly into Casablanca; from here getting to Agadir will take 8-10 hours and is usually best by train to Marrakesh, from there a long distance coach to Agadir. We advise you to keep in mind the time you spend on travelling could be spent in better ways e.g. enjoying your holiday.

-Do I need a Visa

Visas are not required for Irish, British and European passport holders for stays of up to 90 days. Passports must be valid for three months from the date of entry into Morocco.

-What about the currency and exchange

The Moroccan currency is the Dirham, most recent exchange rates are around 11 DH for every €1, 13 DH to the £ and 8.5 DH to the USD. Dirhams can only be obtained within Morocco. There are exchange facilities and ATMs in the airport as well as in Agadir.

There are no ATMs in Taghazout so the best way to obtain cash is by using an ATM. Check with you bank if you are unsure if your cards can be used in Morocco (keep an eye out for logos e.g. Citrus, Visa, Maestro etc.)

It is forbidden to take Dirhams in or out of the country, even a single Dirham coin! Upon leaving the country if any Dirhams are found in your possession then they will be confiscated by airport police. There are however many ATM style machines in the Airport which will allow you to deposit these and receive Euro’s in return.


Taghazout is sheltered by Cap Ghir and the surrounding hills, so sunshine is virtually guaranteed for over 300 days per year even during Winter the temperature seldom drops below 22°C during the day.

-Is Morocco problematic for Women

Morocco is regarded as one of the most tolerant of all Muslim countries so problems for women are minimal, especially in tourist cities like Agadir or relaxed villages like Taghazout. Swimming costumes are bikinis are normal on the beach but when in towns and cities it is customary to cover up arms and legs.

However if you are travelling in the company of Moroccans be prepared to justify the relationship if you are stopped by one of the many police checkpoints. Frequently police will seek a proof of marriage, even from older couples. However tourists are ignored in this respect.

-What are the driving regulations?

Cars are subject to availability at the time of booking. We can normally assist you in hiring a car; prices are reasonable but depend on the class of car required. The most popular hire cars are Renault Logan but wide ranges are available. Please ensure you have your original valid EU driving licence (which must have been held for at least one year).

The law insists that you also always have car hire documents on your person. Seat belts must be worn at all times and you must not use your mobile phone whilst driving. Police checkpoints are frequent every few kilometres along main roads. Minor infringements will result in you having to make an on the spot payment.

-What’s the distance between major towns and cities?

The distance between major cities can be extensive so if you plan on travelling we strongly advise you to bring lots of water with you at all times and adequate petrol in the car.

-Will my mobile phone work?

Almost all European networks work in Morocco; contact your network to find out more about roaming charges. A viable option would be to buy a Moroccan SIM card for as little as 50 Dirham. This may be considerably cheaper than average roaming charges.

There are an abundance of public phones located in Taghazout, these accept coins and cards although you may find it less costly to buy a phone card and call from a public phone rather than entering one of the many telephone shops.

-How are the medical facilities?

Medical facilities are quite good in Agadir, but comprehensive health and travel insurance is advisable. If you are unable to pay or are not insured you may be refused treatment. The village of Taghazout has a pharmacy run by a qualified pharmacist. It is recommended bringing along your own small first aid kit. In particular spray on plasters these are ideal for surfers since they are waterproof, last for days and can be difficult to find in Morocco.

-What about food and alcohol?

Food in Morocco is almost European with a few Arab and Berber specialities, the traditional Moroccan tagine, roast chicken and hamburgers with chips are widely available and inexpensive. Seafood is also to be had everywhere and many of the fish come from the local fishermen. Due to our central location, Taghazout’s finest cafés and restaurants are only minutes away.

There are no restrictions on alcohol sold to tourists but as Morocco is a Muslim country there are restrictions on the sale of alcohol to Moroccans. Public consumption of alcohol is frowned upon.

-Are there public buses?

There are regular buses travelling between Agadir and Taghazout. One of the buses (number 33) travels to the village of Tamri, about 30km north. Located here are some breath taking coastal sights, Boilers and Tamri beach offers a truly excellent surfing spot.

Long distance shared taxis are always available on all routes. With these you can go anywhere via their hub in Agadir, although you are likely to need to transfer to a different taxi heading in the direction you want. There communal taxis would be ideal for special trips or hiring them for the day although prices can be high and depend on your negotiation skills.